Russian e-book maker PocketBook releases water-proof e-reader

Waterproof smartphone makes perfect sense, especially if you happen to live in a tropical country and need to capture a photo when it rains all of a sudden. Or how about a day by the river, where you and your family have a fun picnic moment, and would like to get wet playing with Supersoakers? A waterproof e-book reader, however, does raises eyebrows as there might not be such a huge market for it. This has not stopped Russian e-book maker PocketBook from introducing their latest water-resistant model that comes with a 6” E Ink display.

Pocketbook has officially launched their new dust and water-resistant ereader, and they’re charging more than I would be willing to pay for it given its limited features and minimal water protection. This ebook reader is scheduled to be unveiled later this month at the Salon du Livre  in Paris, and it has a projected retail price of 6990 rubles or 109 euros, depending on the market. When the Pocketbook Aqua leaked last month, I was less than sure that the technical details were accurate or complete. Now that we have thew official press release I can confirm that this ereader has a low-resolution E-ink screen, 4GB of storage, Wifi, a touchscreen, but no frontlight or microSD card slot.

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