Samsung claims factory fire won't delay Galaxy S5 production

A large fire at a key South Korean factory is feared to put a dent on the production quantity and schedule of the Galaxy S5. The fire, which lasted six hours and required 300 firefighters to put out, started around 7 AM. The factory, which is located in Anseong, South Korea, is one of Samsung’s main lines for producing the printed circuit boards or PCBs used in the devices. The fire was believed to have originated from the factory’s third floor but the exact cause is still unknown. 

Samsung Electronics does not expect delays in the production of its upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone, after a fire broke out at a supplier’s factory in South Korea on Sunday. The electronics giant said Tuesday it is working to stabilize operations at the supplier DAP Corporation. “In the meantime, we do not expect any production delays of the Galaxy S5, as we rely on multiple contractors,” the company said in an email. It’s unclear what the factory produces, but DAP is known as printed circuit boards producer. Pictures of the fire were posted online, showing plumes of black smoke billowing from the facility’s windows. Firefighters later extinguished the flames on the same day, and local reports added that there were no injuries. 

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