Sony launches $1,100 Digital Paper

While there are some devices out there that are worth checking out and waiting patiently for an official release, some others can be pretty underwhelming. Take Sony’s Digital Paper for instance – this happens to be Sony’s most recent foray into the e-ink slate market, where it will cost a whopping $1,100 a pop this May while sporting a 13.3” “letter size” form factor that ought to help those who have poor eyesight read swimmingly on the Digital Paper.

Meet the Digital Paper, Sony’s latest e-ink slate. It’s part iPad, part e-reader, and must be made out of moon rocks. It’s $1,100 and will be available in the States this May. But you’re not going to buy it. The 13.3-inch “letter size” Digital Paper isn’t for the average consumer. It’s definitely not for me. Sony is marketing it to gullible legal professionals with large expense accounts. It’s a note-taking device. The flexible e-ink display boasts both optical and active digitizer touchscreens allowing for finger and stylus input. Markup documents right on the screen. Files are saved in a repository that can be shared.

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