Tumblr improves account security with two-step verification

If you’ve scrolled through Tumblr lately and thought to yourself, “Hey, this could use some added security,” the blogging platform has your back. Today the outfit announced that it’s adding two-step authentication as a means of keeping your account safe. Authentication codes are sent either via a text message or an app like Google’s Authenticator, and work akin to basically every other service that uses them.

Tumblr today added a very important security feature to its service, with the addition of two-factor authentication – an option available within the blogging service’s “Settings” section as of now. The move sees Tumblr at last joining the ranks of other top tech companies, including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter, the majority of which offer some sort of two-factor authentication in order to provide an extra layer of security and protection for user accounts, making them less vulnerable to unauthorized access by hackers.

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