Twitch Plays Pokemon starts on Pokemon Emerald

Last week, Twitch Plays Pokemon managed to defeat the second generation of Pokemon games: Pokemon Crystal. After a considerable delay, the stream has now resumed, this time with Pokemon Emerald, from the third generation of Pokemon games. Also, this time, Twitch has managed to pick the female trainer, giving her the nickname, “A”. While viewership faltered a little with Pokemon Crystal, Emerald seems to be drawing in some crowds again.

After more than a month of combined playtime and a bajillion-and-one views betweenPokemon Red and Pokemon Crystal, the Twitch Plays Pokemon community has moved on toPokemon Emerald. Approximately 30,000 poke-trainers showed up for the start of the Hoenn region adventure, which has the added feature of a display that shows the party’s current pokemon. It’s okay everyone, we don’t need to press start to see who’s in the party now and listen to Bulbasaur’s cry for 15 minutes! The first TPP playthrough brought us gods and religions, the second gave us a battleagainst those same deified creatures. The third playthrough’s running meme thus far seems to be that the player character, a female avatar named “A” (short for “Anarchy”), is a psychopathic murderer. Because sure, why not.

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