Vine to prohibit sexually explicit content from appearing on the service

In a blog post on Thursday, Vine announced that it had updated its terms of use to prohibit sexually explicit content from appearing on the service. The outright ban is the culmination of the service’s longstanding uneasiness with porn. Practically since launch, Vine has been trying to figure out how to handle adult content. Three days after it launched at the start of 2013, John Biggs of TechCrunch wrote about “Vine’s Porn Problem,” noting that searching for #porn delivered, well, porn, as if that’s some sort of big surprise.

There are plenty of pornographic websites out there, and a quick search on Google will yield pages upon pages of results. However it seems that there are some folks at out there who prefers getting their sexually explicit material from not-so conventional sources, such as Vine. We guess this is not surprising given that other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been found to play host to such material as well. However it looks like Vine has had enough and have announced an update to their Rules and Terms of Service with regards to sexually explicit material.

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