Aereo goes on the offensive ahead of Supreme Court hearing

In a last effort before its April 22nd hearing, Aereo is defending its service in a “media blitz,” as Re/code calls it, whose purpose is to better inform everyone that its business isn’t infringing on any copyright laws. The company will explain next week to the Supreme Court why its services are legal, in its view, and why they aren’t violating the copyright o broadcasters. The company has put up a special Protect My Antenna site that shows Aereo’s main arguments for the hearing. 

Internet TV streaming company Aereo launched a new site today to explain how its service isn’t breaking copyright law, as broadcasters charge. Next Tuesday, Aereo’s lawyers will have an opportunity to explain to the Supreme Court why its services are legal and aren’t violating broadcasters’ copyright protections. In the run-up to the Supreme Court arguments, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia went on Katie Couric’s new Yahoo News show to defend his company and explain what he thinks will happen if they lose. “It will be a tragic outcome,” he told Couric, adding that if there was no viable business plan the company might have to go out of business. Even if that were to happen, he noted, the technology Aereo has created still has significant value to a lot of people.

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