Google rumored to be releasing premium support service Android Silver

Google often receives criticism over the level of fragmentation with regard to mobile operating system Android. It’s not really their fault, however, as handset makers are the ones ultimately responsible for pushing post-purchase support and software updates. Perhaps then, they just need a little extra motivation.To that end, Google is said to be working on an attempt to unify the sale and support experience via something called Android Silver.

Google may be working on improving the overall customer experience for Android handset buyers, Android Police has learned, by creating a new support system for Android customers that will offer extended assistance to consumers. Dubbed Android Silver, the project will include carrier partners, which will provide support to buyers when it comes to data migration, stolen devices and information backup, and even live support sessions. The publication has posted several slides that detail the Android Silver support program from a presentation that took place last year. Thus, it’s not clear when the program will be rolled out, and whether Google is still working on it, but Android Police says the company “was or is planning something like Android Silver.”

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