Leaked images allegedly show iOS 8 running on an iPhone 5S

With Apple’s annual developer conference quickly approaching, we have little doubt that somewhere in Cupertino there are devices already running iOS 8 – and a new report could very well offer our first glimpse at one of them. PhoneArena today turned up a handful of images allegedly from Apple’s forthcoming iOS 8, which will presumably be unleashed in just over six weeks during the iPhone maker’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

A user who presented himself as Omar Sharif (boy, we wish!) sent us a photo of an alleged iOS 8 build running on an iPhone 5S. There is nothing on the photo to expose it as an obvious fake, but alas, it is of poor quality – which doesn’t prevent us from digging into some juicy details. For starters, a bunch of new apps are clearly visible – TextEdit, Preview, Tips, Healthbook, a self-contained iTunes Radio app, and, again- Watch Utility. This app clearly isn’t made for the Samsung Gear 2, is it? Jokes aside, its second appearance so far leads us to assume that it’s going to be a part of iOS 8’s reveal at the upcoming Apple WWDC. And if Apple is to be showing said app, it can’t possibly do it without at least partially confirming the existence of its fabled iWatch, can it?

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