Microsoft rolls out next major Xbox One update

Do you have an Xbox One? It’s update time! Get excited! Well, not too excited. Moderately excited. Like the last few monthly updates, this month’s patch is mostly meant to bring in features that aren’t so much oh-my-god-brand-new as they are things that were surprisingly absent after the jump from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. The new update should start hitting Xbox Ones this evening.

It seems that the new Xbox One system update is all set to roll out later tonight, and special mention to the Xbox Live members who actually previewed the features, while sharing some of their feedback which will hopefully make the final update a whole lot better. Just what are some of the features that this new update will deliver? Check it out after the jump. For starters, there will be game and app saves and updates, where a game save progress bar will let you see the status of your game saves, now how about that? This would also allow you to tell at a glance the games and apps which are being updated, or have been updated recently.

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