New iPhone 6 concept gives us a glimpse into Apple's future

Last week, some “leaked” schematics of what is claimed to be the iPhone 6 appeared online. Sketches were then shared socially of the suggested design. Now these could both be fabricated, but they do share some elements that have been rumoured elsewhere – most prominently the now much-discussed 4.7-inch screen. For a bit of fun, French website asked Martin Hajek, the designer behind many a gadget render, to mock up concept 3D renderings of what the new iPhone could look like.

We love concept artists. They’re the ones that keep us on our toes — imagining possibilities for new devices that we never really thought of, and often trying to show us what’s possible with leaked schematics. Some concepts are more outlandish than others, some are border-line possible, and some look really plausible. Today,we have a look at a gallery created by Martin Hajek for — he creates the bulk of new Apple product concept images — and this design of his falls in the “more plausible” category. We dig the iPad mini-design, the apparent edge-to-edge display and the rounded edges. Hajek has imagined the device in the rumored 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes, too, though most recent reports suggest the former will launch before the latter. From the side, the phone kind of looks like a metal version of HTC’s new Desire 816.

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