PayPal announces plans to prevent users from sharing devices

Online payment firm PayPal has announced plans to prevent users from sharing their computers, smartphones and tablets with anyone else, even family members. On Tuesday, the company started sending registered users email alerts of upcoming amendments to terms and conditions. The “Notice of changes to our Legal Agreements” showed policy changes effective June 17, in an email that ran to more than 8,000 words.

PayPal warned users against sharing their devices in an announcement about revisions to its terms of service earlier this week. The company notified users about improvements to better protect the company, buyers, and sellers from any attempts to wrongfully use PayPal accounts. The eBay-owned company made the changes in light of increased usage across different portable devices, such as cellphones and tablets, which increases the risk of theft or misuse of accounts by someone who isn’t the account owner. Two subsections under the heading “Keeping Your Payment Instrument Safe,” state that users must keep their personal information up to date and to “take all reasonable steps to protect the security of the personal electronic device through which you access the Services.”

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