Sales forecast suggests the Xbox One will do well in China

Microsoft launches the Xbox One in China in July, and a new forecast suggests that it’s expected to sell 100,000 units there. That’s according to BesTV, a Chinese media company that is partnering with Microsoft for the launch. BesTV has also suggested that Microsoft will be producing new content specifically for the Chinese market. It also seems that games will be cheaper in China, retailing at around 300RMB ($48).

More low-end Android gaming consoles are coming to China. But Microsoft’s local partner isn’t worried, and expects the Xbox to sell well as a high-end gaming product. China recently ended its ban on foreign-made videogame consoles, clearing the way for Microsoft to sell its Xbox in the country. Last September, BesTV established a joint venture with Microsoft meant to focus on gaming and entertainment. Since then, both companies have been working to localize the Xbox product for the China, BesTV said in a stock exchange filing on Tuesday. “We believe that future profitability will be great,” the company wrote.

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