Samsung applies a transparent display technology patent

Although Samsung often gets tagged as a copycat in the realm of smartphones, the company really does produce some remarkable innovations, particularly in the realm of displays. Patent Shot has spotted a recently filed Samsung patent for a new kind of transparent display technology that can be used to convincingly add digital images to the real world and thus blur the line between virtual reality and physical reality.

Samsung Electronics applied for a patent related to a transparent display technology which connects real life and virtual reality together, and this patent was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office (Published on Apr. 10th 2014). In the patent specification, this technology allows to display both real object and imaginary object at the same time on a transparent display. In detail, it detects position of the user and real life item, and overlaps an image of virtual item on the corresponding position. Hence this technology includes a detector to identify user’s position and another detector to sense real object.

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