Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition hits the Play Store

One of the benefits of owning a Nexus device is not only do you get the stock Android experience, but you also get updates before everyone else. Of course there are some features in Nexus devices or maybe even the design of the phone that not everyone might appreciate, so that’s where Google Play Edition handsets come into the picture. In the past we have seen Samsung launch the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition so it’s not really a stretch of the imagination to think that the Galaxy S5 could get a Google Play Edition as well, right? 

Although we thought it odd that Samsung would launch their big flagship for 2014 — theSamsung Galaxy S5 — without any mention of a Google Play edition, we didn’t doubt that the TouchWizless phone would eventually find its way into the Play Store. Today, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition is making an appearance in the Play Store but with one small issue — it’s not actually available for purchase. Thanks to a tip, we find Google has finally updated their Google Play edition device page with an image of the Galaxy S5, only it’s still being listed as last year’s Galaxy S4. A fluke perhaps? Or does this mean we can expect the Galaxy S5 Google Play edition to launch any day now? We’ll keep an eye out.

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