Samsung's Milk Music streaming service will soon receive ads

Milk Music happens to be a fully customizable, free and ad-free music radio service that boasts of an intuitive user interface, delivering more than 200 stations for your listening pleasure. Well, all good things must always come to an end, and the ad-free version of Samsung’s Milk Music service will no longer remain in that state unless you are willing to fork out a $4 monthly fee.

Samsung’s Milk Music streaming service will soon feature ads, according to a new infographic posted Friday to the company’s global blog. Nestled towards the end of the infographic, Samsung makes mention of two options for Milk Music users — a Basic Service that’s “free to users with ads” and a Premium Service that’s “ad-free and [comes with] some exclusive features.” The Premium Service will set customers back $4 per month and be “available soon.” Samsung launched its Milk Music service last month. The streaming-music offering is powered by Slacker Radio and allows users to create stations and choose how much variety they want in their song selection. One of the more appealing aspects of Milk at its launch was that it was free and didn’t contain ads, unlike Pandora, iTunes Radio, and many other free streaming-music services. It appears that will soon come to an end.

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