SK Hynix has developed the world's first 128GB DDR4 memory module

Computer component manufacturers are always pushing for faster, bigger, and more efficient products. That benefits us, the end users, but also them for the premium they can charge on those new parts. And when it comes to memory modules, manufacturer SK Hynix has just raised the bar again. Buy a desktop PC or laptop today and it will have DDR3 memory modules inside, but that isn’t going to be the case for very much longer. 

SK Hynix on Monday announced it has developed the world’s first 128GB DDR4 memory module, twice the capacity of the company’s current 64GB module. The new memory module, which is also being touted as the world’s highest density module, is based on 8Gbit DDR4 chips created with 20nm process lithography. The new memory module runs at 2,133Mbps with 64-bit I/O, and processes up to 17GB of data per second. It also runs at ultra low-voltage of 1.2V, compared to 1.35V of existing DDR3 memory modules. While major memory makers such as Hynix, Samsung and Crucial have started producing next-generation DDR4 memory, it’s not expected to show up in servers until late this year, and in PCs until 2015.

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