The Elder Scrolls Online beta had over 5 million registrations

To say The Elder Scrolls is a popular IP would be an understatement. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimrecently surpassed the 20 million sales milestone. So what does that mean for The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, a LOT of people are interested. Bethesda has released an infographic that shows some interesting facts, which first and foremost reveals the total number of registered players in TESO’s beta: a whopping 5 million. 

In order for any MMO to be considered a success, it not only needs a lot of players on release, it needs them to keep playing for years. That’s especially the case when the MMO in question requires players both purchase the game and then pay a subscription charge every month. Blizzard has set the standard for subscription MMOs by commanding over 12 million gamers for World of Warcraft at its peak. Many other developers have tried and failed to match that success, with most reverting to a free-to-play model. The latest to attempt a subscription MMO is Bethesda, using its very popularElder Scrolls IP. And with the official launch happening today, it’s looking pretty good.

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