Whole Foods now converts rotten food into fertilizer

Just when you thought Whole Foods couldn’t get any more green, well, now the organic grocery store is. The Austin-based market announced today that its Bellevue, Washington location will soon begin converting food scraps into organic fertilizer that can be sold to farmers and consumers. The process is made possible by Redmond-basedWISErg, which has built a geeky machine called the “Harvester.”

Whole Foods Market Bellevue and WISErg Corporation, a bio-clean technology company that converts food scraps into organic fertilizer for sale to farmers and consumers, today announced an agreement to deploy the WISErg Harvester unit at Whole Foods Market Bellevue. The installation will be completed in May. The Harvester unit will enable Whole Foods Market Bellevue to reduce food waste in a sustainable way, and provide data reports to better manage perishable inventory and improve their bottom line. The Harvester deployment aligns with Whole Foods Market’s core mission to advance environmental stewardship and is part of a larger organic and sustainability initiative. In addition to recycling food scraps, reducing waste and decreasing shrinkage, Whole Foods Market Bellevue will sell WISErganic organic liquid fertilizer.

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