EA plan to unveal six new games at E3 2014

Heads up gamers, if you were looking forward to new games coming from EA, you might want to check back with us during E3 2014 because according to Spike TV’s Geoff Keighley, it seems that EA will have six new games that they will be announcing during the event. The announcement will be broadcasted live on Spike TV, so we guess you guys can tune in to see what EA has in store for us. At this moment it is unclear as to what sort of games EA will be announcing, but it has been speculated that EA will most likely provide additional details on some of the games that they have already announced, like the next Mirror’s Edge game and BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, amongst other things.

Electronic Arts will reveal six new games during its E3 press conference this year, according to Spike TV’s Geoff Keighley.  In a tweet, Keighley noted that the press conference, set to take place on June 9 at 3 p.m. ET, will last one hour and include all six reveals. The event will be broadcast live on Spike TV’s E3 All Access program, as well as streamed through Spike TV’s website, the EA website and Twitch. The press conference, “EA World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview,” will include more information on the company’s annouced titles — possiby the next Mirror’s Edge game and BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. The event will also offer a look at “new projects and intellectual properties currently in development,” according to a press statement from the company. This lineup will include Star Wars: Battlefront, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said during an investor call earlier this month. Other games expected to make an appearance includeThe Sims 4.

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