Google begins listing all of the stores in a shopping mall

Exploring new malls can be fun, it can also be tiring if you don’t know what you are looking for, so instead of combing every floor and looking at every shop, Google Now apparently will be able to list you the mall’s entire shops so you know what’s available to you. All you’d have to do is show up at the mall and fire up Google Now which should then be able to present you with a list of shops in the mall, like in the screenshots above.

At some point or another, everyone goes to a new mall. Maybe it’s an old mall in a new town, or a new mall in an old town. The point is the same: it’s a mall you’ve never been to before. Half of the fun is finding out what outlets are eager and waiting to empty your wallet…but that also requires a lot of walking around most of the time. Tragic, I know. So how’s this for an idea: walk into the mall, sit down on the nearest bench, pull out your phone, and fire up Google Now for a full list of stores in said location. That’d be cool, right? Yeah, it would. And convenient. And now, it’s real. Since it’s a Google thing, you can also search the list of stores to see if your favorite is present in that particular mall. Now you’ll never go without finding a Hot Topic again. You silly kids.

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