iPhone beats the Galaxy S5 in South Korean customer satisfaction survey

Samsung is a South Korean company and they’re also one of the largest Android OEMs around at the moment. However it seems that despite Samsung’s success with their Galaxy series of Android phones, it looks like Apple has managed to beat the company in a customer satisfaction survey, in their home of South Korea nonetheless. In fact this isn’t the first time Apple has beaten out Samsung with regards to the iPhone. Back in 2013, the survey found that Apple’s iPhone had pulled ahead of Samsung with a score of 778 to 592. 

Once again, Apple’s iPhone has outperformed South Korea’s own Samsung in a user satisfaction surveycomparing the latest models from the two rivals. In fact, the iPhone 5s widened the gap from a similar survey a year ago, scoring 798 out of a possible 1,000, while Samsung scored 600 (last year, the score was 778 to 592). Some 88.2 percent of iPhone owners said they were satisfied with their purchase, compared to 52.3 percent of Galaxy S5 owners. The survey showed a general unhappiness with the Korean-native firms Samsung, LG and Pantech. All three generally scored around the same level in both totals and overall satisfaction, with LG nudging Samsung out of second place with 54.2 percent satisfaction and score of 609. All three Korean companies received mediocre marks in all categories, while Apple’s single low score (which was still above the average) came in the “durability” category.

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