iPhone user is suing Apple over iMessage bug

A few days ago, we reported that there was a bug with Apple’s iMessage that caused text messages to disappear. Basically this issue happens when an iPhone user switches to another platform, meaning that iMessage is no longer applicable. However instead of being sent a regular text message on their new device, the text messages aren’t even being delivered at all. Apple has since acknowledged the issue but has yet to come up with a solution, but in the meantime it seems that the problem has gotten too much for one user, who has since decided to file a class action lawsuit against Apple over the problem. 

A new lawsuit — filed through a federal court in San Jose, California — is targeting Apple over problems with the delivery of SMS messages via iMessageBloomberg reports. The plaintiff notes that she, like a number of other people, suddenly stopped receiving texts from iPhone owners after personally switching from an iPhone to Android. Class action status is being sought in the case. The underlying bug is connected to the Apple ID system. While texts from iPhones to people who have never owned an iPhone are being delivered properly, iMessage is apparently linking the numbers of former iPhone owners to their defunct Apple IDs. iOS’ Messages app will report texts to ex-iPhone users as being delivered, even though the recipients in question never actually saw them.  An AppleCare representative recently claimed that Apple is trying to fix the problem, but that it has no idea how at the moment. There are some temporary workarounds, but none of them are believed to be reliable.

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