Japan wants to build a solar energy farm in space

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, in order to magnify their efforts to find a feasible alternative to nuclear power, has laid out plans in an updated energy source proposal.  JAXA seeks to face its energy woes for the coming decades by launching a series of platforms – ‘a solar-based solar energy farm’ with batches of solar pants into the orbit around the planet Earth in order to collect Solar Energy.

A new proposal from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) lays out a plan that would solve the country’s energy woes for decades to come. The power source? It’s actually a series of platforms launched into orbit around the planet with the purpose of collecting solar energy. Yeah, that’s right — a space-based solar energy farm, which is something straight out of a sci-fi novel. JAXA’s proposal would commercialize the space-based energy farm by setting up a series of platforms both in space and on the ground. The platforms would collect light from the sun and beam it down as microwaves that would then be converted into electricity. JAXA thinks it can get this done by 2030, provided work begins on a functional demonstration by 2020.

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