Microsoft is fixing an Office 365 glitch that caused users to be billed twice

Microsoft is aware of a glitch that has caused some Office 365 customers to be double billed when purchasing select products. In fact, some users were being issued automatic renewal notices from Microsoft, indicating that their Office 365 subscription would renew at double the price. This extra fee was obviously in error and Microsoft is working to fix the issue. If you haven’t experienced this issue, then don’t worry about it! However, if you did get double billed, just be aware that Microsoft is working to fix the issue and you will be refunded.

On May 21, a billing glitch caused some Office 365 users to see double. Double the price, that is. I heard from a couple of individuals on Twitter today that they received automatic renewal notices from Microsoft indicating that their Office 365 subscription price next year would be double what it is currently. Microsoft officials said that fee was in error and that Microsoft is in the midst of fixing the issue. Those affected don’t have to do anything proactively to have the mistake remedied. The full statement about the issue from a company spokesperson: “A glitch on 5/21 caused some Office 365 customers to be double billed while purchasing select products. The issue has been mitigated for the majority of our affected customers and we are diligently working to fix any remaining incidents. No action from our customers is needed to resolve this issue, they will be automatically refunded. We sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience, and are doing everything in our power to take the necessary corrective action.”

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