Nokia unveils Lumia 630 with digital TV tuner for Brazilian release

It was just three days ago when word of Nokia launching the Nokia Lumia 630 over in India surfaced, making it the first Windows Phone 8.1 device to roll out from Microsoft’s Nokia division in that part of the world. That particular smartphone looks to be well on its way to do well in the market there, as well as in other emerging markets courtesy of its relatively affordable pricing as well as features that are set to please, including a 4.5” display and dual SIM support. 

Microsoft hopes to capitalise on the furore of the FIFA World Cup with an edition of its Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone that features a digital TV tuner. The handset will be based on the dual-SIM model and includes a built-in Digital TV (DTV) signal receiver. So if you’re stuck in traffic before kick-off, or struggling to find a bar that isn’t already packed to the rafters, you can still watch all the action and root for your favorite national side. The smartphone is an exclusive for Brazil, so if you’re flying  out for the tournament this summer you’ll need to pick one up when you land. Otherwise it’s the same low-end handset that Stephen Elop, Vice President for Microsoft’s Devices and Service unit, announced at Build 2014 last month.

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