Nokia’s Treasure Tag becomes available for Lumia devices

Nokia’s Treasure Tag NFC gadget was officially unveiled for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices way back in February and, as of today, it’s officially available for Lumia Windows Phone device owners around the world. Nokia Treasure Tags, in case you forget, can be used to help Windows Phone users keep track of items, such as keys or a backpack, right from a map on your smartphone. Simply attach one of Nokia’s Treasure Tags to anything and, after establishing a connection using NFC and Bluetooth, you’ll be able to track it on your Nokia Windows Phone device using a corresponding Treasure Tag application.

Earlier this year, Nokia announced the Treasure Tag accessory which is basically a device you can clip onto your bag, attach to your keys, and so on. It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC and basically once you’re out of range, it will alert your phone and remind you that you forgot to take your bag or keys with you. It can also be used to help locate missing objects, like misplaced keys, and so on. The accessory itself isn’t that big or bulky, but it seems that Nokia has decided that aTreasure Tag Mini is called for. The accessory has been spotted on Nokia’s website, although there was no announcement accompanying its listing. Now calling it a “mini” might not be the most accurate description. The device still measures 30x30x10mm, although its thickness and weight have been shaved down.

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