SweetLabs announces new app install platform

SweetLabs has announced a new App Install Platform designed to allow mobile device manufacturers the same opportunity to cash in on app recommendations that other providers such as Facebook and Twitter already have and thereby increasing their per-device revenue. The SweetLabs’ AIP is designed to give mobile device manufacturer’s the ability to customize what apps pre-load on their devices, so that the first-boot process can be tailored to device type, location, etc. Apps could be switched out based on install rates, lifetime revenue, latest versions and so forth.

Building on the success of Pokki, a lightweight app store and Start Menu replacement originally built for Windows, SweetLabs today announced its new “App Install Platform,” a service with an aim to help hardware manufacturers (OEMs) increase their per-device revenue. App recommendation is a massive market. Facebook and Twitter make gobs of revenue from ads pushing high grossing apps that plow their revenues back into garnering more users. SweetLabs’ App Install Platform (AIP) wants to cut device manufactures into the game. Broadly, SweetLabs first brought lightweight mobile apps to the Windows desktop with Pokki, and then leveraged Windows 8′s lack of a Start Menu to its advantage, by fusing its app store into a replacement menu. The company then molded that consumer-facing product into something that it sold to OEMs, helping four of the top six device manufacturers pick up a small slice of app revenue. Now, with AIP, it’s taken that OEM-facing tool, increased its feature-depth, planning to hand it over to the OEMs to run for themselves.

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