Apple has breathed new life into the iPod Touch

Apple today refreshed its iPod touch lineup, discontinuing the silver 16GB iPod touch and replacing it with a new $199 model. Hardware-wise, the new entry-level iPod touch is identical to the existing 32 GB and 64 GB models and includes both a rear camera and an assortment of color choices. The iPod is a significant improvement over the now retired $229 model, which was available in silver only and shipped without a rear camera. You can purchase the new 16GB iPod touch for $199 from Apple’s online store and its brick-and-mortar retail stores starting today.

Apple appears to be planning on launching a new 16GB fifth-generation iPod touch, according to a source that spoke to MacRumors. The new iPod touch would be a 16GB version of the current 32/64GB iPod touch, coming in six different colors with a rear camera and a lower price tag of $199. Separately, reports that they have heard that a new iPod touch will indeed be launching on Tuesday of next week. Their source did not directly corroborate the pricing and specs, but did say it was a single model only, and not a revision of the entire iPod touch line. Apple initially launched the 32/64GB fifth-generation iPod touch in October of 2012 with a $299 price tag, but later added a lower-cost silver-only 16GB iPod touch that stripped key features like a rear camera to lower the cost to $229. As time passes and technology advances, component prices often drop, which may be why Apple is planning to bring feature parity to its iPod touch lineup nearly two years after the original launch of the fifth-generation iPod touch.

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