Microsoft has launched a Video Tuner app for Windows Phones

Microsoft has launched a new app called Video Tuner which allows Lumia owners to edit clips and add effects to movies captured on their phone. Available to download from today, the app allows you to quickly edit, re-crop, add a filter and more in just a few presses. You can also use it to add a slow-motion section to your video, and all your subsequent creations can be saved directly to OneDrive for storage or sharing. If you’d rather have some music instead of the original audio, you can use an non-DRM protected MP3 as the soundtrack, it’ll need to be locally downloaded on your device though, rather than sourced from MixRadio, for example.

When you’re done shooting video using your Windows Phone, Microsoft hopes you’ll edit it with its new Video Tuner app. On Wednesday, Microsoft debuted Video Tuner, a new Windows Phone app for Windows Phone 8.1—and not Windows Phone 8, at least for now—which allows users to go a bit beyond Microsoft’s Movie Moments app for Windows Phone 8.1, which the company debuted a couple of months ago. As the name suggests, Movie Moments restricted users to editing a clip down to 60 seconds or less, then saving it or sharing it online. According to Matt Collins, global director of applications and partner marketing for Microsoft, however, Video Tuner will be more robust, with the ability to shorten, crop, flip, or rotate video clips, apply filters, and even layer audio tracks. The final cut can be saved to a small, medium, or large file size, and then shared to social networks or saved to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage.

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