Monument Valley has surpassed one million sales

Monument Valley, an Apple Design Award-winning game that twists player perspective like an MC Escher painting twists stairs, has surpassed more than one million sales. We’re not sure what that number means to a game that cares nothing for the laws of physics, but developer ustwo seems pleased enough to start planning for post-release content. Producer Dan Gray told TechCrunch that the team plans to double the average gameplay time of 90 minutes with additional “lost scenes” for the game. Gray wasn’t sure if these scenes would be sold or free to download, but either way they’ll take place outside of the main story. Ustwo is aiming to release the extra levels sometime in the fall.

Going against the freemium gaming grain, Monument Valley, the sumptuously designed, premium priced iPad game which launched back in April and snagged its makers an Apple Design Award at this year’s WWDC, has now passed one million downloads, TechCrunch can reveal. The title is normally priced at $3.99/£2.49 — although it’s currently half that on the iOS App Store in a promotional discount. Although London-based designers’ ustwo’s initial idea was to make a game that made the most of the iPad’s larger screen, Monument Valley launched for the iPhone too. It was then expanded to Android back in May – after racking up 500,000 iOS downloads. Although launching onto Android has clearly expanded the game’s reach, producer Dan Gray told TechCrunch it’s had a much higher percentage of downloads on iOS. “But that’s kind of indicative of the two marketplaces,” he says. “We knew that creating a game for $4 is a big ask in comparison to the competition on Google Play.” Interestingly the Amazon app store Android version of the game has done pretty well — accounting for around a third of the overall Android downloads. The game has just 10 levels in total, which has led some to complain of its brevity. However ustwo’s intention for Monument Valley was always to create a highly curated experience, with a focus on design aesthetic, first and foremost.

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