Author: Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is currently an Intern at Fishbat, an Internet Marketing Company, as well as a photographer, specializing in wedding photography. He is finishing up his education at Stony Brook University, where he majors in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and minors in Journalism. He is a huge New York Mets fan, and enjoys spending time with his family and fraternity brothers.

Samsung announces first Global Developers Conference

Samsung has really been on the rise lately. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has become a formidable rival to the iPhone. The active model of the Galaxy S4 is the first cell phone of its kind. The company teamed up with Jay-Z to promote his new album. Now Samsung is taking the next step, by holding its first annual developers conference. The conference will take place at the Francis Hotel in San Francisco between the dates of October 27th and 29th. The event will cover many different types of technology, including TVs, smartphones, cameras and any other…

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MLB All-Stars on the field and the web

For 162 games a year, baseball is taken seriously by players. There is no fooling around in the dugout, no signing autographs during games, and definitely no playing with your phone or computer. However, there are two days every season where players are encouraged to use their phones and laptops. The Home Run Derby and All-Star Game are not only exhibitions to show the best talent in the majors, but also an interactive social experience. During this year’s Home Run Derby, players visited a table setup by each team’s dugout with laptops…

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New app brings Likemind-ed people together

A new iOS application is bringing people with common interests together through rather simple and traditional methods. The app Likemind allows users to tear off virtual tabs from virtual flyers that other users post. While this is quite a few steps ahead of walking around the neighborhood with a stack of flyers and a staple gun, it really isn’t so different. Users post their flyer up, and the first six people that can get their hands on a tab can connect with that person. When the tabs are all gone, so is the flyer. This detail in particular…

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The first trade in NCAA history happens on Twitter

July 1st, 2013 – a date that will forever be remembered in the hearts of college sports fans. It was the day that changed the NCAA forever. Never before has a trade taken place at the college level. This blockbuster deal broke barriers in college sports and opened up schools around the country to new opportunities. It was the day that Stanford University and Syracuse University agreed to a deal unlike any other. According to the Stanford Athletics website, “to complete the trade, Syracuse will send a collection of local goods to be named…

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#VoteWrightNow campaign bumps David Wright into ASG starting line-up

From the first moment that Citi Field was announced as the venue for the 2013 MLB All-Star Game, there was one player that the Citi Field natives wanted to see start the game. That player is of course Mets’ third baseman David Wright. Wright is arguably the best Mets hitter of all-time, leading the team in many offensive categories, which is no small task for a team that has been around for over 50 years. As of yesterday, Wright is the leading vote getter for National League third baseman. This is the first time Wright has held the lead since…

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@SFGiants debut the @Cafe

The San Francisco Giants may be a few games behind the Diamondbacks for first place in the NL West, but they are definitely on top in the social media world. The team has been very involved in social media since their first World Series victory in 56 years back in 2010. Bryan Srabian, the team’s first director of social media, said back in 2012 that “the city of San Francisco really started to bond together” after this victory. Since then, Srabian’s social media marketing skills have helped elevate the Giants fan base into one of the…

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@Social #LeagueofJustice

This past Friday was the release of the highly anticipated summer blockbuster Superman: Man of Steel. The film brought in $125.1 million in its opening weekend – more than any other movie ever released in the month of June. On Twitter, the words “Man of Steel” are still trending as fans flocked to their computers and mobile devices to share their thoughts on the movie. With all the buzz surrounding the man in blue, I thought it’d be good to see what superheroes best represent our favorite social media sites. So here it is: the @Social…

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