Author: Caitlin Marley

Caitlin Marley is a senior at Five Towns College, where she majors in Mass Communications/ Media. She is currently an intern at internet marketing company Fishbat. She enjoys writing about all things technology and sports related.

New headset comes with built-in streaming media player

Streamz is a new set of headphones by Streamz Media that comes with a built-in streaming media player. The headset can stream media through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can store up to 32GB of data on a microSD card. Expected to ship in March 2014, the Streamz headphones will be priced at $549 in the United States. Streamz Media has launched its first set of headphones that offers the ability to stream audio from various sources. The self-titled Streamz can connect to hotspots and other mobile devices to receive audio over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth…

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Jim Carrey's Twitter War Against His Own Film

Funny man and actor Jim Carrey is set to star as the Colonel Stars and Stripes in the highly anticipated Kick Ass 2.  But despite all the hype around the movie, Carrey took to Twitter to show his disdain of the violence shown in the film, and how feels he can no longer promote the blockbuster film. On Sunday night Carrey tweeted an apology for those who were affected in the Sandy Hook school shooting this past December, and that he means no disrespect to those who are involved in the film. He tweeted,” I did KickAss a month b4 Sandy Hook, and now…

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