Author: Chris Luck

Chris Luck is the CEO and Founder of Appiteks, a company that produces iPhone apps. Appiteks launched its first game in October 2012, Boomie vs. Pirates.  The game reached the Top 100 Free Puzzles and Top 100 Free Action games on the iTunes App Store in its first week. Chris has had a passion for games since he was a little kid and is excited to have the ability to continue the dream of building games and placing them into the hands of millions of people all over the world.

Appealing and accessible characters for your app

Creating a likeable character can be one of the most challenging aspects of building a game, like our “Boomie vs Pirates.” The characters in your app can be the biggest pull for the users to engage and re-engage. So much thought and research can go into development that it can become overwhelming. There is no need to worry; let’s go over a few things to help you navigate the process of character development.   A few common likable qualities There are three major qualities in characters that are essential to building a game that will…

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