Author: Cristian Murphy

Cristian Murphy is a senior at St. Joseph’s College with a Business Administration Major. Cristian is an avid writer who enjoys sharing and creating innovative stories and he is currently interning at Fishbat, a social media agency in New York.

Casting call for Batman: top 5 candidates for the new film

Comic Con has been making headlines the past few weeks. At Comic Con, producers are known for releasing film, TV, and comic news of all sorts. The biggest piece of news to surface at this year’s event was the announcement of DC’s Superman/Batman film, set for 2015. Social media agencies have been going wild since the news broke. Fans of the superheroes have been nervously ecstatic about the film and who will be casted as Batman, since Christian Bale (the most recent Batman) declared he would not be in the film.  So who will be Batman,…

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Space voyage to launch in December and feature an odd mix of individuals

It has been announced and verified through various social media agencies this year that Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic is going to space on his latest project called The LauncherOne. And for the fee of $250,000, YOU can join him. Oh did I mention that some friends of Branson will be joining him in the space voyage? You may know some of them: Brad and Angelina, The Biebs, Russell Brand, Katy Perry (awkward), The Great Leo Gatsby, Lance Bass, Ashton Kutcher, Kate Winslet, and Stephen Hawking! Ok, that is probably the most random list…

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Are you ready for Myspace 3.0?

The last time anybody had heard about Myspace, it was most likely the punch line of some social media joke. But that’s about to change because Myspace has re-launched itself into the social media world… again. Myspace is no longer the awkward social media site that fell by the wayside the minute Facebook took a breath. In fact, Myspace isn’t even showing its teeth to Facebook anymore. Reborn a few months ago, the new Myspace focuses on music and has the potential to send Pandora and Spotify running for the hills. Yep! “Myspace 3.0”…

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Samsung bares its teeth and takes a bite out of Apple

Round one of the epic battle between Apple and Samsung started last year. The patent war began when Apple accused Samsung of design and format function infringement. Apple claimed that Samsung infringed on patents for software features and as a result, the company was awarded over $1 billion in damages. However, round two is just beginning. Samsung recently claimed that Apple infringed on its patent for encoding mobile communication in AT&T model phones. This claim resulted in an embargo that will be sure to rock the market in the…

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Could “Seinfeld” live in today’s digital world?

One of the most popular TV shows of the 90s was the hilariously eccentric “Seinfeld.” The characters always seemed to get lost in translation and never truly had a grip on their lives. Jerry Seinfeld and his sidekicks always found ways into tough situations that, at the time, seemed like impossible feats to overcome. In a world fueled by technology and Internet marketing companies, it’s interesting to picture those same circumstances with the addition of digital media. Would the show have been as funny as it was? Let’s take a…

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