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Google street view car hits a car and two buses

A Google Street View car has been involved in an accident with two public buses and a truck in Bogor, Indonesia. According to police reports, the car hit the first bus, and when it tried to drive off in a ‘panic’ hit the second bus and the truck. Vishnu Mahmud, head of communications for Google in Indonesia, told news agency AFP: “We take incidents like this very seriously. We’re working closely with local authorities to address the situation.”…

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Justin Bieber in new Batman vs Superman?

As our lovely reader Nerdgazm pointed out to us, pop star Justin Bieber Instagrammedsomething most unsettling today: a script that suggests he may be auditioning for the role of Robin in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.P …yeah.P While I have no strong feelings about this, I imagine that if that’s a real script (how likely is that, really?), many people wouldn’t be so happy about Bieber actually nabbing the role. In fact, some folk around the web seem kind of upset at the idea. But wait a second! Bieber tweeted…

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Argentina 'superhacker' arrested for stealing $50,000 a month

Police in Buenos Aires have taken a 19-year-old man into custody on charges of orchestrating a hacker ring that stole $50,000 a month. The teenager, who has been dubbed a “superhacker” by the press, faces up to 10 years in jail if found guilty. Argentine police raided the home of the man, who has not so far been named, on Friday in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Cristobal. Investigators are also examining the role the suspect’s father and brother played in his online fraud ring….

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Netflix uses pirate sites to figure out what shows to buy

This week Netflix rolled out its video streaming service in the Netherlands where it hopes to build a massive user base in the years to come. One of the keys to achieve this goal is getting the rights to the most popular movies and TV-shows, and this is where pirate sites come in. Netflix Vice President of Content Acquisition Kelly Merryman says that popularity on file-sharing platforms determines in part what TV-series the company buys. Video streaming giant Netflix sees itself as one of the most prominent competitors to the many…

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Teen creates 17 minute video on his computer screen

These words are probably unfurling inside one of many open tabs on your computer screen. Perhaps one tab is for work, one is for chatting, and another is for Twitter. You probably even have some others open for no particular reason. This is the way we receive information and the way we communicate now: constantly, simultaneously, compulsively, endlessly, and more and more often, solitarily. This strange new mode of living–and its indelible effect on our humanity–is perfectly captured in a new short film that debuted this week at the Toronto…

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Facebook news feed's new feature

If you’ve been on Facebook and noticed that videos in your Newsfeed are playing automatically, you’re not imagining things. Facebook announced yesterday that it is experimenting with a new feature it says makes watching videos even easier. Here’s the gist: As you peruse your Newsfeed, videos posted there will play automatically, but on mute. If you want to watch the video in full screen mode simply click on it, Facebook says. If not then simply keep scrolling….

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Miley Cyrus and Vevo dominate MTV

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus rode a wrecking ball into the record books. Her new Terry Richardson-directed music video—in which she swings around naked on a wrecking ball while crooning about the vicissitudes of love and occasionally licking a sledgehammer—quickly became the most popular music video ever on Vevo, attracting 19.3 million views in the first 24 hours. And while Cyrus was gleefully singing and swinging into the hearts of fans, Vevo, a private company based in New York, was reveling in something else: the continued…

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