Author: Imtiaz Ali

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3 additive mobile games developed to test your I.Q.

The world of apps and Smartphone’s primarily started off with Apple’s iPhone in June 2007, with Google soon following up with the Android OS. At that time, the South Asian market was full of old school mobile phones, and the co-called Symbian Smartphone’s. For the common user, colored screens and polyphonic ringtones were the best that our market had to offer. However, it’s a different story today. These days we can get our hands on the touch-based Smartphone’s by spending almost the same amount that bought us a colored-screen…

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Social media revolution ‘’from online to on-ground’’

Social media is increasingly being used to serve as a catalyst in bringing about social and political changes. On June 6, 2010, Khaled Mohamed Saeed was viciously murdered by two plain-clothed policemen in Egypt. He had been sitting on the second floor of a cybercafé in Alexandria when two detectives entered the premises, dragged him out, and killed him on the spot. The offices claimed that he was drug dealer who died after chocking on a packet of drugs he swallowed when he saw the policeman approach. This claim was met with derision…

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