Author: James Mowery

James Mowery is a passionate technology journalist and entrepreneur who has written for various top-tier publications like Mashable and CMSWire. Follow him on Twitter: @JMowery.

Oh, look, it's another new e-reader!

Barnes & Noble has something new up their sleeve, and it’s in the form of a new six-inch Nook. This isn’t the Nook Color. This is back to basics with the e-ink technology that made e-readers famous in the first place. This time Barnes & Noble has fully embraced touch-screen technology, but there is much more here than meets the eye. The six-inch Nook features a full touch-screen display, which is different from the original Nook in that only the lower portion of it was touch-enabled and had a color display. You lose the color display…

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Our résumés, unfortunately, will never look this good

QR codes are a mixed bag. Some people love ’em. Some people don’t have the slightest idea as to what they are. But Vector Petit expects you to know what it is, especially if you are planning on reading his résumé. Well, “reading” isn’t exactly the correct term here. If you want to know what we mean, hit up the video and prepare to be amazed….

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Apple tells Lodsys to lay off iOS developers, but its impacts are minimal

Lodsys is a company on a mission. They have been determined to sue iOS developers who are, in their eyes, illegally using their own patents. But it’s more complicated than that. Apple licensed these patents and, in some cases, require them to be used by iOS developers. So who is responsible here in the impending legal battles? That’s what we’re all trying to figure out. After an initial round of legal threats were presented to various iOS developers on behalf of Lodsys, Apple remained quiet while the world reacted. But the overall consensus…

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Mighty Deals review

We have local deals — it’s a been there, done that thing — but what about a deals site that covers creative professionals? They deserve a good deal every now and then too, don’t they? Well, this is why the team here at Techi and WebdesignerDepot has created Mighty Deals. The site’s goal is simple: to offer the best deals for creative professionals. Mighty Deals is most easily described as the creative professional’s Groupon. However, unlike Groupon, Mighty Deals focuses on providing great deals specifically for creative professionals….

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Angry Birds invades Spain, and nothing you can do will stop it

I was previously one of those guys who argued that Angry Birds was incredibly overhyped, but I realize now that there is no getting away from it. No matter what you or I do, Angry Birds are going to be flying, screaming, and destroying pigs wherever we go. So we might as well embrace it; we know the Spaniards are….

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The world's largest stadium photograph, with 90,000 potential Facebook tags

If you were in London recently and watched the 2011 FA Cup Final (it’s a football soccer thing) at Wembley, you would have been part of history — the world’s largest 360-degree panoramic photo was shot there. The photo is huge, and with an insane amount of detail, but there is also a bit of fun going on here with social media as well. The Wembley 360 is a 10-gigapixel photograph that was prepped and shot with a 24-hour deadline. The photographer, Jeffrey Martin, had some obstacles to get through to shoot the photo — lighting, positioning,…

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Sony finally flips the switch on PSN, floods users with freebies, free games

Sony’s PSN service is slowly coming back to life, much to the enjoyment of those who have been without online access from those with PS3s for several weeks. It will take some time for everything to be back to normal, but until then, Sony is giving away a slew of free PSN items and two free games to PSP and PS3 users to make up for their disaster. Those in North America will have access to the following games PS3 games as part of their “Customer Appreciation Program”: LittleBigPlanet Wipeout HD + Fury inFAMOUS Dead Nation Super Stardust HD North…

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