Author: Jordan Cumberland

Expo 2010 Shanghai Ready to Open to Public

Expo 2010 Shanghai China begins on May 1 and runs until October 31 and it has been made possible with the help of 189 countries and 57 international organizations. The theme of the expo is “Better City – Better Life,” and more than 70 million visitors are expected to attend the traditional fair. That number could even climb to over 100 million, making it the largest worldwide. Expo 2010 is the most expensive of all the world’s fairs and the largest at 5.28 square km. The gigantic event is being held in the center of Shanghai at the Nanpu Bridge-Lupu…

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Doctors Monitor Pregnancy With Smartphones

There are some pretty awesome phone features and apps out there lately but it doesn’t seem like much can top AirStrip Technologies new way of tracking pregnant women and their babies using Smartphones and iPhones. Using the AirStrip OB, this has become possible and is a huge breakthrough for the medical field. With the touch of a few buttons, doctors and nurses are able to monitor mom and baby’s heart rate and contractions to be able to ensure that everything is going smoothly. If any problems were to arise, doctors would be instantly notified…

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Unboxing of the iPad 3G Feels Like Christmas Morning

The long-awaited release of the Apple iPad 3G is over for US residents! iPad 3G’s are on their way to every greedy hand who ordered the massively popular device and the excitement is overwhelming. Some buyers who pre-ordered and have already received their goodies have taken to the Internet, posting videos of them unwrapping the iPad 3G like it was a Christmas present. They’ve also posted numerous galleries of pictures, showcasing all of the iPad’s features. New owners are comparing their iPad 3G’s to the Wi-Fi version that was shipped…

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Tea Infuser Designed with the Future in Mind

Who doesn’t love a nice steaming cup of tea? It’s not just something you drink at high noon with crumpets and jam, it can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime. With this new idea by Mexican designer Emma Moreno, doing just that will be even easier. The small egg-like diffuser dubbed, “Duo,” uses nanotechnology as a heating element. Once the Duo is filled with the appropriate amount of water, you can simply choose the heating level and drop it into a mug. Then? Sit and wait until the deliciousness has steeped itself into a tasty cup of tea. Aside from…

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Knitting Without Needles With Wind Power

If you’ve ever made an attempt to learn how to knit you’ll know that while it’s rewarding to create something from your own two hands, it’s also slow and can be painful for your fingers. With this futuristic piece designed by Merel Karhof, who is an RCA grad, there’s no chance of cramped fingers or get bored of slow repetitions. Once the wool is threaded into the machine, the wind goes to work and socks, slippers and scarves are finished in a very short period of time. Wind isn’t used to create any sort of electrical current to be used to power the…

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Apple Rumored to Charge up to $10 million for iAds

Rivaling ads that are displayed during the Superbowl, Olympics and other popular events, Apple may soon start charging companies up to $10 million to have their mobile ads on their devices. Apple has indicated that prices for their online advertisements for their new iAd platform for iPhone and iPad may start at $1 million and run up to $10 million. Since Apple released the first iPod in 2001, the interest in the handheld, portable devices has increased at an astronomical level. Current ads on other mobile networks run anywhere from $100,000-$200,000…

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Shake it Like a New and Improved Polaroid Picture

Remember old-school Polaroid cameras? They were big and clunky. After a picture was snapped, the film was greedily pulled from the device and held carefully until it was ready to shake and see your image appear. There were cork boards filled with snapshots, held on by thumbtacks. Since being largely popular in the 80’s and early 90’s, the interest in Polaroid cameras and pictures has dwindled. That was up until a few years ago, when the excitement over Polaroid came back and was stronger than ever. Dedicated fans begged, borrowed and stole,…

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