Author: Kendra Cowden

Big Dog Robot Can Jog Up To 5mph With Your Groceries

Don’t feel like carrying all of your heavy bags anymore? Let Big Dog do it for you. Big Dog is a prototype ‘mule’ that was created by Boston Dynamics to be used by the United States Army. The main goal for these types of robots is to go with soldiers into the field, and tag a long with them just like a pack animal would. The robot weighs in at 240+lbs and walks on four legs. It can also carry more than its own weight in cargo. Boston Dynamics has released a video of the Big Dog in action. The robot is jogging on asphalt at 5mp. That doesn’t seem…

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Time To Get In Shape With The Vinyl Workout

Forget going for a jog while listening to your iPod. Create your own music right at home with the Vinyl Workout. Designer Theo Watson created the Vinyl Workout for the inaugural Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival. The Vinyl Workout is an interactive workout that turns your floor into a digital record player. By projecting a large record player on the floor that is big enough to walk on, the user can control it by running around on the surface. The system responds to the pace and direction that the runner is going and slow down when you walk…

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Revolutionary Watch Designs That Blow Traditional Timepieces Away

Watches have come a long way since they were first invented. Before all they could do was tell you the time but now they can pretty much do anything that you can think of. They are also not just a device that gives the time but also a fashion accessory. Here are a few watch designs of the future that do much more than just give the time. Tread 1 : Bulletproof Watch Devon Works designed the Tread 1:Bulletproof watch. The numbers move accurately across the belt while giving the watch a new take on an ordinary task of checking the time. The watch has a…

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Looks Like It's The End For The Floppy Disk

The time has come for all of us to start saying our goodbyes to the floppy disk. Sony made a statement saying that in March 2011 it will no longer be selling the 30-year-old floppy disk in Japan. Earlier in the year, Sony had stopped selling floppy disks in many international markets because of decreasing orders and competition from other storage systems. The demand for floppy disks started to decline in 1998 when Apple didn’t include a floppy drive in the G3 iMac computer. Because of that many different companies have stopped their support…

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Rhapsody Gets Music Onto Apple Devices Without the AppStore

Rhapsody has come out with an updated version of their App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The application is free to download onto your device but you must have a subscription to use it. With this new version you can listen to the Rhapsody playlist that you have created while being connected to the Internet and also download songs to local storage. This means that you can listen to your music while being in such places as an elevator or subway that has no Internet access. This is a first for Apple to allow a third-party music subscription…

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The Lamptop Laptop Lights Up Your Life

Is this a new way to use your laptop? Nope, this is a lamptop. Designed by Ukrainian designerAlex Nesterenko, the Lamptop is a unique twist on the standard table lamp that lights up just like a laptop would. The Lamptop features built-in RAM and a monitor. The lamp can also be used as an electronic photo frame where you can upload your photos from your camera to share with friends and family. The Lamptop is easily controlled the same way a laptop is. It turns on by pressing the “power” button and turns off by pressing “ctrl+alt+del”….

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We Might Have Underestimated How Big Google Really Is

Looks like Google might be bigger than we thought it was. The photo above is from Intac and is a visual portrayal of the exact number of devoted servers that major tech companies own. This diagram allows you to get a clear image of how much larger some of these servers are than others. If you just heard the numbers, like 100,000 for Intel and between 20,000 and 30,000 for Facebook and AT&T, you would just think of them as an interesting fact and nothing more. Such companies like Amazon, eBay and Microsoft have over 50,000 servers but they…

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