Author: Michael Clark

Michael Clark wrote this article. He is working with a software developing company. He has worked on software related to online tracking user activity

The Zuckerberg Files

The founder and CEO of Facebook has experienced a ton of scrutiny over the last decade, but nothing has been more comprehensive than this… Facebook famously has a lot of our data, but now one Wisconsin academic is trying to turn the tables on CEO Mark Zuckerberg, just a little bit. Last Friday, the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Digital Commons launched the Zuckerberg Files. The project contains a complete digital archive of “all public utterances of Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.” As the project is described:…

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How to track desktop applications with Google Analytics

There are a lot of things that Google Analytics is good for, but is it really good for being able to track desktop applications? The truth is that it can be if you know how to utilize it properly. Google Analytics was more constructed for a different type of tracking, but that does not mean that you cannot use it for your desktop applications.   What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a system that was constructed in order to assist companies and individuals with collecting information in regards to the data for their websites….

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