Author: Mike Sherman

Mike Sherman is a Digital Strategist at fishbat, an online marketing firm. He blogs in his free time, mostly about his obsession with sports. He is suing the New York Jets for pain and suffering they have caused him from being a fan for 24 years and for stealing his heart and not returning it. He still can't live without them.

#AHH... Coke reveals first all-digital marketing effort, aimed at teens

If you haven’t been paying attention to America’s favorite sugary beverage, Coca-Cola has come out with its first all-digital marketing campaign, aimed at its teenaged consumers. It consists of games and apps geared toward mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (though desktop users can still access the content). Coke’s vision for this strategy – titled “The AHH Effect” – is that it will stick as a long-term marketing plan for years to come. It’s pretty rare these days to spot a teenager in the wild who isn’t…

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New apps make your smartphones smarter as you get drunker

If you’re like me, you like to have fun, knock back a few drinks with your friends, and party the night away. Simple, right? Yes, this all may seem very carefree – but, shockingly, mistakes, misjudgments and social faux pas are made while under the influence. Consuming alcohol, as you may know, seems to have some kind of mysterious effect on our judgment and our ability to make smart decisions. This is perhaps the reason you can’t enter into a contract or operate a motor vehicle while under the influence. But what about when it comes…

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