Author: Rob Sutter

Rob Sutter is a writer & SEO specialist for fishbat, an online marketing firm located in Bohemia, NY. He graduated from Farmingdale State University with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Professional Communications in addition to minoring in English Literature. Outside of writing, he is an avid gamer and professional wrestling fan.

It only took one security specialist to take down a huge identity theft ring

Sometimes, huge forces of good or evil can be brought down by a single person. Such is the case with a larger hacking group that was taken down by one. The pranksters who exposed the credit reports and Social Security numbers of dozens of prominent Americans used a hidden identity-theft service that tapped directly into some of the biggest data aggregators in the country, a new report states. Independent security researcher Brian Krebs revealed on his Krebs on Security blog yesterday (Sept. 25) that the service, known as SSNDOB (Social…

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PlayStation 4: Is 12G Truly Necessary?

Technological advances in gaming show no signs of stopping. With that said, I understand the need for such things as RAM and storage space. In the case of the latter, if a video game console does not have enough of it, chances are that consumers are going to blow right past it. Seeing as how the upcoming PlayStation 4 will release later this year with an initial 500GB of storage, how compact is too compact? While there have not been any announcements of this particular version reaching the States, Sony announced that it will release a 12GB version…

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Video gaming channels: the hits keep coming

Many opinions on this particular matter surfaced but I’d like to say this to start: I always more about playing video games than watching someone else play video games. I want to be able to experience what’s happening onscreen for myself and I can only get so much of an experience out of what others tell me. That being said, I do feel like there is legitimate talent since not only do certain individuals play but they offer content showcasing strong knowledge and, more importantly, entertainment. Enter Emile Rosales, who gamers in the…

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3 reasons why Sony’s SD backup should go worldwide

About a week ago, Sony announced its plans to release a line of SD cards – as well as other pieces of software – for the sake of backing up laptop computers. Consumers would, in essence, be able to take their files with them. Through an AES 256-bit encryption process and the use of a single password, all files would be set on that card and remain secure. The only caveat is that Sony only plans to release these cards in Japan. Starting on August 20th, cards in three size amounts – 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB – will hit stores in Japan will only work…

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Perspiration: could sony Build on it?

Playstation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny sat down with and he talked about a concept that struck my interest. As a gamer, I am all about immersion and being sucked into whatever world is being shown. As you’re sitting down traversing through part of Tamriel in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” for example, you start to get the feeling that this is a living, breathing environment as opposed to lines upon lines of code. Speaking of immersion, what if I were to tell you that your senses could be picked up through the controller in your…

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Can Zynga get a spark through Facebook?

Up until now, Zynga has been a company that I have not paid much mind to. It’s not like it has a small audience, though; this social gaming company has done well in bringing users together in order to gamble real money, letting them scratch an itch that would otherwise be satisfied through an actual casino. Up until recently, I haven’t heard much about them. That’s when I read about how the company could be bringing its apps to Facebook. I can’t imagine a better platform Zynga to usher their apps onto, either. Reportedly, ZyngaPlusPoker…

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What do bizarre petitions say about gaming socially?

If this is a sign of what gaming is coming to, then I’m very concerned about the next generation of consoles to hit the market. For those who have been keeping up with news regarding the Xbox One, you would know that its initial used games policies and DRM limitations have been revoked about a month ago. As you could imagine, things seemed right as rain on the Microsoft front. Recently, though, I can’t help but feel like I’ve been met with a digital thunderstorm. A petition on facilitated by David Fontenot was brought to the…

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