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Chicago tried and failed to use big data to predict crimes

Have you ever seen the movie Minority Report? If you haven’t, all you need to know is that it’s about a special police unit that’s able to predict crimes, and is therefore able to arrest criminals before they actually commit those crimes. We don’t have anything close to the technology required to predict crimes, but theoretically, we can use big data to anticipate the probability of someone committing a crime or being a victim of crime, and have the police react accordingly. The Chicago Police Department tried to test out…

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Spotify is accusing Apple of using its power to hinder its competition

The problem with Apple releasing its own music-streaming service is that it now has to compete with existing services like Spotify without using its control over the iOS ecosystem to hinder the competition. There haven’t been many issues in this regard, but after preventing Spotify from releasing an update for its iOS app, Apple is now being accused of exhibiting “a troubling pattern of behavior” that Spotify considers to be anti-competitive. Apple Music competitor Spotify has accused Apple of rejecting an update to its official…

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HTC is working on two Nexus devices for Google

It looks like HTC will be returning to Google’s Nexus program this year, and this time it’ll have two devices instead of one. This is according to a respected and well-known leaker by the name of Evan Blass, who claims that HTC is working on two Android N devices for Google, which go by the codenames M1 and S1. HTC developed the first Nexus smartphone back in 2010, as well as a Nexus tablet in 2014, so the company is no stranger to Google’s Nexus program. There’s a certain prestige that gets bestowed on a company when they become a contributor…

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Tesla is practically drowning in Model 3 pre-orders

The Model S is one of the best electric vehicles on the market at the moment, if not THE best, but it’s price puts it well out of reach for many drivers, which is why there was so much hype surrounding the Model 3 announcement on Thursday. A starting price of $35,000 puts the Model 3 well within the reach of most drivers, so it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tesla is practically drowning in pre-orders for the car at the moment. CEO Elon Musk announced on Saturday that Tesla has received 253,000 pre-orders, which is more than twice what it was…

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Tidal wants to stream movies as well as music

Tidal has been plagued by an endless stream of controversy and criticism since it first launched, and things are going so poorly for the music streaming service that Jay Z thinks he got screwed out of $56 million when he acquired it, and is now trying to sue the company that sold it to him, according to a report from Bloomberg on Thursday. That being said, Tidal is far from dead, and Page Six reported on Thursday that the service is actually in discussions with Hollywood executives to enter the movie streaming business with its own original…

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General Motors just spent $1 billion on an autonomous car startup

Autonomous cars are the future of the automotive industry, but unfortunately for traditional automakers, it’s the technology industry that’s leading the charge in this area, meaning that these automakers must rely on companies like Apple and Google for their self-driving technology. Not wanting to have to rely on outsiders, many automakers have turned their attention to Silicon Valley in an effort to develop their own self-driving technology, which is why General Motors just spent more than $1 billion on an autonomous car startup…

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Microsoft will unveil universal Xbox One apps later this month

One of the biggest selling points of Windows 10 is its apps can work on any device running a version of the operating system, or at least, they will eventually, because Microsoft is taking its sweet time actually implementing that feature fully. We’ve seen universal apps pop up here and there, but there are sill some platforms where universal apps aren’t even supported at all, such as the Xbox One. Fortunately, the company is expected to unveil its first universal Xbox apps later this month, but not everyone is happy about this, most notably Epic…

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