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Can video games help autistic children improve their social skills?

It’s still hard to believe that we now live in a world where playing video games is a viable career, and where video games themselves are being used for both educational and medical purposes. There are numerous examples of this, but one of the more recent ones comes from the University of Western Australia, where a researcher by the name of Gail Alvares is working on a video game project that’s aimed at helping children with autism learn vital social skills. Digital media really has changed everything, hasn’t it? Searching for a way…

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Spotify plans to release a dozen original video programs

Spotify was the undisputed king of music-streaming before Apple entered the market, but now that Apple Music is here… Spotify is still undisputed leader. In fact, a Spotify vice president by the name of  Jonathan Forster claims that the launch of Apple Music has caused his company to grow faster than ever. In order to ensure that growth continues, Spotify plans to release a dozen music-themed original video programs that will diversify its offerings. MTV gave us a blast from the past last month when it streamed nonstop Prince…

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Nintendo's first smartphone app has launched in the West

Nintendo’s first smartphone app has been enjoying quite a bit of success in Japan, but now it’s time to see if the app will be as popular in the West. Known as Miitomo, the quirky app launched on Android and iOS in several Western countries earlier today, including Canada and the United States. Only time will tell if it’ll find much success outside of Japan, but it’s important to understand before you decided to check it out for yourself that it’s not a game, it’s almost a messaging app and almost a social networking app, but it’s not quite…

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Apple is planning to release a smaller version of its bigger iPad

We’re just a few days away from Apple’s next launch event, and 9to5Mac has given us an idea of what to expect in a report that it published on Friday. According to the report, Apple is planning to launch a smaller version of its bigger iPad with a starting price of $600. What’s funny is that this smaller iPad Pro is supposed to be 9.7 inches, which is the same size as the iPad Air 2, but the report claims that the new iPad Pro won’t be replacing the iPad Air 2. Just days before Apple’s next media event set to take place on March 21, we may have just…

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Apple's next earbuds may be semi-modular and wireless

Apple’s earbuds are already pretty awesome for the price, but the company has been awarded a patent that might take the earbuds to a new level of awesomeness. Granted on Tuesday, the patent is for next-generation EarPods that can connect to Apple devices wirelessly, or users can connect a magnetic wire to the earbuds and plug them into the device directly, meaning they offer the best of both worlds. It’s unlikely that these magnetic earbuds will ship with the next iPhone, but it does give us an idea of Apple’s plans for the future….

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Reviews for the LG G5 are starting to come in

LG’s flagship smartphones are always decent, and that’s why they’re never as successful as Samsung’s flagships, because just being decent isn’t enough to compete against the likes of the Galaxy S series. That’s why LG is being a little more bold with its next flagship, known as the LG G5, by giving it an always-on display and making it semi-modular. The company is also doing away with the leather backing of the LG G5’s predecessors in favor of a more premium-feeling metal build, and is equipping it with the most-powerful hardware…

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Reviews for the cloud-first Robin smartphone are coming in

Storage anxiety is something that most smartphone owners are painfully familiar with, and the only solution is to drop some extra cash on more internal storage, or buy a microSD, assuming your smartphone even supports one. Nextbit has another solution, however, and not only do you not have to pay extra money for it, it actually makes your smartphone a little bit cheaper. The solution is called the Robin, a new smartphone that intelligently utilizes the cloud to make sure you never run out of storage, and reviews for it are staring…

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