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The 50 fastest growing online jobs for Q1 2013

SYDNEY: April 22, 2013: The eCommerce revolution shows no signs of slowing; Core web 2.0 technologies HTML5, CSS, PHP, and jQuery continue to grow; Android spreads throughout the developing world, leaving Apple floundering in its wake; 3D design jobs take off as 3D printers like MakerBot start to go mainstream; Twitter grows while Facebook slumps, but both fall flat as marketers fall back to Email Marketing; BPO jobs boom as virtual assistants become mainstream for SMEs and entrepreneurs; SEO rebounds from Q4 2012 as the industry…

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Techi week in review

This week was loaded with big mobile news from regulars such as Apple to an old school mobile giant, that artist formerly known as Research in Motion. Take a look at some of the stories that made this week stand out. News Michael Dell to seek majority control in buyout bid Is the PlayStation 4 coming February 20th? Brian Reynolds departs Zynga Adding insult to injury for CBS and CNET: Hopper wins CES award anyway Amazon Q4 revenue up 22 percent, but softer than expected Google’s attack on N. Korean concentration camp gets hit with user reviews…

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IBM delivers new software and cloud services to accelerate social business

Today IBM announced several new software and cloud-based services to advance the transformation of organizations into social businesses. From marketing to human resources, these new offerings will help business leaders empower the 21st Century workforce and transform client experiences. Following IBM’s December 2012 acquisition of Kenexa, IBM announced the release of the IBM Employee Experience Suite, a web-based social networking environment which will integrate IBM’s industry-leading enterprise social networking…

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Identifying a true dual power feed at a colocation data center

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of choosing a colocation service provider which features a dual power feed.  This is an important feature which ensures companies that there is no downtime due to a loss of power.  The problem is most data centers claim to have a dual power feed even though they may not be receiving two independent power feeds.  There are several configurations colocation providers currently promote as a dual power feed, although they each carry a different level of power availability and risk of failure….

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Monitor your site for free with MonitorScout

If you don’t know you have a problem, how in the world are you supposed to fix it? Knowing if there’s a problem is the first step in making sure your visitors have an optimal experience on your site. The last thing you want to do is wait around until one of your visitors notices a problem and notifies you before fixing it. Monitor Scout is a web-based site monitor that lets you know when your website has a problem, day or night. You’ll know about issues before your visitors, and before they cause real problems. Regardless of the kind of site…

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Social media used to identify Vancouver riot suspects

After the Stanley Cup loss which lead to riots last night in Vancouver, outraged Canadians have taken their fight for justice to Facebook and social media. By posting photos and videos of the perpetrators online, they hope they can help police and others to identify the criminals (or at least put them to shame!). A Facebook page has been started and there are already hundreds of photos and almost 60,000 likes. The Vancouver Police have also used social media and sent out Tweets asking for photos where they can identify the people. Take a…

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Review: All-in-One Music System from Sonos

The Sonos Multi-Room Music System allows you to extend your music’s reach to several rooms in a snap. The Sonos S5, ZoneBridge, and Controller 200 all make up an elaborate system that can take your home audio to the next level. It not only gives you the power to extend your musical collection to several rooms, but it also gives you access to so many incredible sources of music while providing numerous well-executed ways to control it as well. The S5 has a vague resemblance to an iPod dock. Coming in at 14-inches wide, 8-inches tall, and 4-inches…

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