Author: Timothy James Duffy

Timothy James Duffy is a full-time internet marketer and online content creator by day, and a Playstation 3 addict by night. Follow him on Twitter @timothyjduffy.

The Rise of the Bieber: How Pop Stars Become Famous Using the Web

Justin Bieber. His name alone has become synonymous with levels of rage and annoyance previously unheard of amongst internet users worldwide. For every hater, however, Bieber has an army of preteen girls to defend his honor. Born on March 1st, 1994 in Stratford, Ontario, Bieber is now 16 years old. While he’s known for his pre-pubescent, high pitched voice, he is also capable of playing drums, piano, guitar, and trumpet. If you’re reading Techi, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re not a fan of his work. Nevertheless, his musical…

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Bye Bye Birdie: Why Twitter is On the Outs

Like it or not, Twitter has become an unavoidable part of our online lives. Created by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone in 2006, the social networking platform’s reach has grown remarkably over the past four years. According to a recent study conducted by Edison Research, 87 percent of the U.S. population is now aware of its existence. Surprising? Not really. Forget about Twitter’s overwhelming online presence, the site is constantly being thrown in our face throughout every media outlet imaginable. From CNN to ESPN, we’re constantly exposed…

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9 Tech Inventions That Started it All - How Far We've Come

In this day and age, it’s often all too easy to complain about the problems plaguing social networking sites, overpriced computers, and the lack of viable applications available amongst various smartphones. It’s important, however, to remember where we came from and acknowledge how far technology has come. Before you throw your keyboard at the wall after your next Firefox crash, take a deep breath and try to imagine a time before browsers even existed… a time before websites existed. Allow us to take you on a stroll down memory lane…

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9 Steps to Creating a Social Networking Site That Kills Facebook

The opportunity to overthrow the social networking powerhouse is now greater than ever. Just think, you (yes, you) could be the next Tom from MySpace or Mark Zuckerberg. Pretty cool, right? Definitely, but you’re not going to be the next face of social media without heeding to the advice of successful business moguls of years past. American automotive guru Henry Ford once said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” While these words of wisdom can still be applied over 60 years after his death, they have…

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You've Got Fail: Celebrating AOL's 25th Anniversary With 18 Examples of Fail

This week AOL celebrates the company’s 25 year anniversary. Throughout the internet service provider turned online advertising company’s history, they’ve been the force behind some of the most epic web-related fails known to man. While it would be impossible to document the company’s endless list of shortcomings, there are some that distinguish themselves from the pack. Here are 18 of the AOL’s biggest fails throughout the years, in no particular order. 1. Customer Service Fail In June of 2006, Vincent Ferrari called AOL in an attempt…

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A Matter of Trust: 10 Places Google Collects User Data From

By now, everyone in the tech world and beyond has heard about Google’s data collection from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in Germany. What you may not have known, however, is that Google has been collecting detailed user data since day one. Why? Essentially, as market research, which is then used to enhance their services. While the improvements that come as a result of Google’s data collection may benefit us all, it does come at a cost. Do you really want Google to have databases full of information regarding your online habits? Though Google does anonymize…

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Beyond the Hype: The Future Impact of Google I/O Announcements

With the goal of complete and total domination in mind, internet Goliath Google has set its sights on nearly every form of interactive media imaginable. What started as a research project by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in ’96 later became the most widely used search engine in the world, and went on to expand into countless online markets. Let’s face it: Google does, well, everything. From e-mail to social networking, Google will stop at nothing to control each industry that they enter. Funded almost entirely by advertisers, the farther…

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