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Amazon is planning to release its own music streaming service

Amazon has been stepping up its video streaming game to better compete with Netflix, and is even planning to release its own YouTube competitor, but it’s expansion into the entertainment industry isn’t limited to video centric services. According to a report from Reuters on Friday, Amazon is planning to launch a standalone music-streaming service in the near future that will compete with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify. Amazon Prime subscribers already have access to limited music streaming, but this standalone service…

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Amazon is planning to open more brick-and-mortar stores

Opening a physical store is one of the last things you’d expect an e-commerce giant like Amazon to do, but that’s exactly what the company did a few months ago when it launched a brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle. Even more surprising is the fact that CEO Jeff Bezos told shareholders at an annual meeting on Tuesday that he wants to open up even more physical stores, although he’s not sure how many at the moment. Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos on Tuesday promised more retail stores as well as new services for the company’s…

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Amazon is launching its own YouTube competitor

After years of sitting at the top of the video-sharing market virtually unopposed, YouTube is finally starting to see some serious competition, first by Facebook, then surprisingly by Snapchat, and now even Amazon is joining the battle. Having already proven that it can challenge Netflix in the premium video-streaming market, Amazon has set it sights on YouTube and is planning to launch its own video-sharing service called Amazon Video Direct. Amazon is launching a “self-service” program for video creators called Amazon Video…

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Amazon is trying to bully users into subscribing to Amazon Prime

Part of what makes Amazon Prime so great is that you don’t need it, because it’s luxury. Non-subscribers can use Amazon the same way that subscribers can, and the company doesn’t purposely detract from the regular experience in an effort to bully its users into paying for premium experience. It looks like that’s starting to change, however, as Amazon has started locking a number of video games behind a Prime membership, meaning you can’t even purchase the games on Amazon if you’re not a Prime member. Pair this with the reports that…

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Amazon Prime Video is now a standalone Netflix competitor

Amazon Prime Video started off as a nice little bonus for Prime subscribers, but Amazon has improved the feature to the point where it’s now up there with Hulu as the only two serious Netflix competitors. The only problem is that you need to have an annual Prime membership in order to access Prime Video, which limits the service’s reach and makes it harder to compete with the likes of Netflix. That’s why Amazon has introduced a monthly subscription option for Prime Video that comes unbundled from Prime, which means you can stream…

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Amazon is stepping up its game as it tries to take on PayPal

It’s no secret that Amazon is trying to take on PayPal, but all it takes is one look at how Pay with Amazon’s user numbers compare to PayPal’s to see that the company’s efforts aren’t fairing all that well. That’s why Amazon is starting to step up its game with new support and tools that it hopes will encourage more e-commerce services companies to adopt Amazon Payments. However, many companies are understandably hesitant to partner with their largest competitor, which is why they seem to favor non-competitors like PayPal and…

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A next-generation Kindle will be unveiled next week

E-readers have never been especially popular, and what little popularity there was has mostly faded away thanks to the rise of tablets, but Amazon still isn’t quite ready to abandon the e-reader market. CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted on Monday that a next-generation Kindle will be unveiled next week, which he claims will be top of the line. It’s safe to assume that this new e-reader will be the successor to the much-loved Kindle Voyage, which is still arguably the best e-reader out there at the moment, but is starting to show its age. E-readers…

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