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Smaller brands may as well say goodbye to Instagram

Instagram announced on Tuesday that it wants to start using algorithms to determine which posts are most interesting and relevant to users, which it described as being designed to improve the user experience, but is really just a way for the social network to have more control over what users see. Naturally, this will mean more targeted advertisements, which is great for large brands with a massive advertising budget, because all they have to do to tap into Instagram’s userbase is write a nice, fat check to Facebook. This isn’t…

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Instagram is planning to stop showing posts chronologically

It’s only natural for social networks to display posts in chronological order, which is what Instagram has always done, but this often results in posts that are more interesting or relevant to users being drowned out by other, more recent posts. That’s why Instagram is planning to emulate its parent company, Facebook, by using algorithms to determine which posts you’ll enjoy the most and then put them at the top of your feed, rather than the most recent posts. Your Instagram feed has been chronologically ordered since the inception…

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Samsung's attempt at a social media app is destined to fail

From time to time, Samsung will release a new product in an area that it’s not familiar with which will inevitably fail, and the tech community will laugh and wonder what the hell the company was thinking. The latest such product is Waffle, the company’s new content-sharing social media app that offers something most of its competitors already have, but nothing that they don’t. In fact, the only thing that separates the app from its competitors is the waffle-like grid-based design that inspired its name, and Samsung itself has admitted…

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Nielsen now factors social media shares into television ratings

Nielsen announced on Wednesday that it’s expanding Twitter TV Ratings to include Facebook as well, and is renaming it to Social Content Ratings. What this means is that the company will now factor social media shares on both Facebook and Twitter into its ratings for American television programs, with Instagram expected to be added in the near future. Nielsen has been notoriously slow to adapt to the changes in media consumption that have been brought about by the Internet, and this the latest in a string of moves by the company…

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Fresh Meat is an online dating service that's only for attractive people

Building a new social network is incredibly difficult, even for the largest of companies, and it’s next to impossible for the smaller ones. The only way to do it is to have a neat little quirk that draws people in and keeps them, such as Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging, or to cater to a specific group of people. A Chinese company by the name of Xianrou is trying to do the latter, and with a name that literally translates into Fresh Meat, I’m sure you can imagine what kind of people it wants to cater to. Xianrou is basically just a regular…

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Facebook is dead, long live Facebook Messenger

Okay, so Facebook isn’t actually dead, not even close, but if there’s one thing we learned from the recent end-of-the-year app statistics, it’s that messaging services are growing much faster than social networks, and have been for a while. For a number of reasons, messaging services have been massively popular with both consumers and marketers over the last few years, and should their rapid growth continue, messaging services could replace social networks as the dominant form of online communication and interaction. Users…

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Europe is considering banning children from using social media

Few things are as potentially dangerous to children in developed nations as social media, and though many governments and organizations have made efforts to raise awareness of its dangers, it hasn’t been nearly enough. That being said, the European Union’s proposal to make it illegal for people under the age of sixteen to have social media accounts might not be the solution. Several groups have already criticized the proposed restrictions, not only on the grounds that it would hinder the ability of children to access the numerous…

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