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Make Alexa do Whatever You Want with New Amazon Alexa Skill Blueprints
5 Cool Things You Can do with Amazon Alexa's Customizable Skills
Amazon's New 'Alexa Blueprints' Let Anyone Create Custom Alexa Skills and Responses
Amazon Made a 'Fast, Lite, and Private' Browser for Android
Amazon Releases a 'Lite' Internet Browser for India
Google, Amazon May Spend Rs 60 Crore on Ads to Promote Smart Speakers
The Cheapest Live TV Streamer Heads to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Studios Stops Taking Amateur Scripts on June 30th
Someone Stole my Entire Book (and my Job) and is Selling it on Amazon
Amazon Key, Ring Doorbells May Become your New Smart Home BFFs
Apple, Amazon and Google Also are Bracing for Privacy Regulation
Amazon's Gauthier: Alexa Says “No” to Ads
Manage your Child's Amazon FreeTime Settings from the Web
Jon McCormack, Former Amazon CTO Joins Apple
Facebook Backlash Could Tighten Regulations on Apple, Google and Amazon
Amazon Rolls Out Alexa Intercom Function
Amazon Now Lets You Use Echo Speakers as Intercoms with Alexa Announcements
Amazon is Impervious to Tweets
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